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Skystream Bags China

SkyStream Networks Monday announced that China Education Television (CETV) has selected its networking equipment as the primary broadcast networking technology for a nationwide infrastructure that will deliver multimedia-rich Internet content and video to students and teachers throughout the People's Republic of China.

Using SkyStream's DBN-26 Source Media Routers (SMRs) integrated with Lucent Technologies' WaveStar DVS MPEG-2 Digital Video System, IBM's storage and media management system, and France Telecom's ViAccess conditional access system, CETV will offer integrated Internet and television programming to improve training for teachers and ensure that students from primary schools to universities -- in even the most remote regions of the country -- access high-quality education.

The content encoded includes university courses, business training and skills training for teachers. Within the next three years, students will be able to access CETV content at one of the 800,000 schools that will be equipped with a satellite receiving system. In addition, the Chinese Ministry of Education plans to use SkyStream equipment to provide CETV content to local cable systems in major cities through digital cable services.

As a result of the deal, CETV is positioned to expand its offerings in the future to offer an interactive approach to learning for populations in metropolitan cities or rural areas. The broadcast network will offer educational content ranging from streaming video of educational lectures to agriculture and environment protection training.

"SkyStream's technology enables the government's distance-learning infrastructure to transmit multimedia-rich educational content by multicasting it to millions of students around the country," said Zhang Tian Lin, vice president and chief engineer of CETV. "SkyStream's SMRs make it possible for us to create an efficient broadcast network infrastructure for delivering educational streaming video, audio and Internet Web pages to remote classrooms across China."