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Critical Path Unveils Secure Messaging Services

Critical Path Inc., a provider of business-to-business Internet messaging solutions, Tuesday unveiled two products aimed at ensuring secure digital messaging.

Critical Path's InScribe Secure File Services and InCase Certified File Service are designed to enable businesses and consumers to securely send, store and collaborate on files on any device through any standard Web browser.

The new services include:

  • Web Courier, which enables users to send, forward and receive files of any type or size with a standard Web browser. The feature tracks file from point to point, receives confirmation reports with any or all deliveries and eliminates clogged email inboxes, courier costs and barriers to delivery caused by firewalls.
  • Virtual Hard Drive, which allows users to safely store documents in either private or public folders on the Web and instantly access these files from any Web browser. The feature aims to eliminate the risks and hassles inherent in transporting critical files via floppies or Zip disks, and enables file sharing with virtual teams.
  • Team Workspace, which is a centralized and secure site for file sharing and collaboration. Team Workspace is designed to facilitate efficient team communication and eases project management with built-in version controls, access privileges, public storage and threaded discussion areas.

Critical Path's intent is to provide the same level of protection to digital assets as paper-based communication, according to Mike Serbinis, chief security officer.

"Messaging companies need to evolve to the institutional level of a bank or post office and take a comprehensive approach to providing secure messaging," he said." Our approach to security involves people, processes and technology, ensuring the security of electronic communication and providing the highest standard of care in the world of messaging today."