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Ordering Office Equipment the E-asy Way

After working eight years in the copier machine business, climbing up the ladder from salesperson to division manager, John Murphy decided it was time to turn his idea into a dotcom.

OfficeParts.com, launched a little over four months ago, helps businesses manage their business machines (copiers, printers and fax) by offering a single platform to keep track of the equipment info and an easy method of buying the necessary supplies.

"Most companies follow one of two methods for ordering their supplies: Either they have sticky notes on a catalog with the details, or they just rely on their salesperson to keep track of everything for them," says Murphy.

OfficeParts.com provides a company with a customized webpage for immediate access to information such as service contracts, purchase price, leasing terms and warranty. It will also provide a means of monitoring supply procurement.

"OfficeParts.com's system doesn't just allow businesses to manage their own ordering, but it also allows for a smooth transition when the person who is responsible for the ordering happens to leave the company."

Other advantages include: Next day shipping and competitive rates. "Also, because we use multiple vendors, we have a huge selection and are almost never out of stock."

The company currently has over 525 registered users in 40 states, most of them hi-tech companies. Some of OfficeParts.com's Seattle area e-customers include dotcommers such as mercata.com, e-Surg.com, MyLackey.com, VoteHere.net, SaviShopper.com and improvemybusiness.com.

According to improvemybusiness.com's Candice Dougall, using OfficeParts.com is ideal for fast-paced dotcoms. "We don't have to get involved with the administrative process, and can get down to the real business," says Dougall.

On the funding front, all of the company's financing has so far come from angel and seed investors. The company is currently in the process of completing a series A round.

Murphy is looking forward to the upcoming TechViews event at the Columbia Tower. He will be one of the presenters. "I am excited because I heard that there will be a lot of people there and that the event will feature a very distinguished panel."

Murphy is confident that he will be able to communicate at the event his company's biggest selling point. "We have a sustaining business...our service is something that all companies can really use."