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The Seattle Times is Ready to TellThemNow.com

Seattle-based TellThemNow.com has partnered with seattletimes.com to enable individuals to send email messages to virtually any person, company or organization making today's headline news.

TellThemNow.com launched its interactive news service just two months ago. It allows users to access the world's largest and broadest single register of local, state, national and global VIPs - 600,000 prominent newsmakers from companies, politics, entertainment, sports and other areas.

According to the Vice President of the Seattle Times' internet division Nancy Bruner, the service offered by TellThemNow.com will significantly enhance the way people read and respond to news on seattletimes.com.

So how does it work? Next to a story being read on the online publication is an entry field or open link where the reader simply types in the name of a newsmaker, types a message and sends it.

On the receiving end, special technology called SmartMail will allow those in the news to more easily review and respond to the messages while providing them with a gauge of how the public views what they are saying and doing.