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Seattle Gears Up for the Zurbies

The Seattle area internet industry is gearing up for one of the hottest events of the Summer.

Zurbies 2000, the first ever Seattle area internet award ceremony, will be taking place on Sunday, July 23rd at the Union Station Grand Hall from 6-9pm.

The Seattle Network, the organizer of the event, released yesterday the list of nominees in 10 different categories.

In the "Best of the Best" category the nominees are: Real.com, NextStudio.com, Go2net.com, AtomFilms.com and LoudEye.com.

The nominees for the "Best Service Site" are: MyLackey.com, HomeGrocer.com, vCustomer.com,ServiceStop.com and Senada.com.

SmashingIdeas.com,AtomFilms.com, SeasonTicket.com, Rivals.com and MountainZone.com were all nominated for the "Best Site to Kill Time on" category.

In the "Best E-Commerce Site" category the nominees are: Altrec.com, NetworkCommerce.com, HomeTownFan.com, Gear.com and Freeshop.com.

The companies nominated for the "Best B2B Site" are: Worldcatch.com, Onvia.com, ImproveMyBusiness.com, B2Bnow.com and Webforia.com.

In the "Best Business Model" category the nominees are: GreaterGood.com, Photozone.com, Onvia.com, iStartVentures.com and InsureConnection.com.

Saltmine.com, eSociety.com, Doghouse.com, StudioPrima.com and CobWeb.com were all nominated for the "Best Web Development Site" category.

In the "Best Brick and Mortar Crossover" category the nominees are: Nordstrom.com,REI.com, Costco.com, EddieBauer.com and Wamu.com.

The companies nominated for the "Hottest Startup" are: imandi.com, Digimine.com, AnsyrTech.com, Terabeam.com and Avolo.com

Finally, the nominees for the "Favorite Local ISP" category are: Seanet.com, FreeiNet.com, Bazillion.com, Internap.com and AdHost.com.

The voting process, sponsored by NetReflector.com, is currently taking place online. If you are not on the Seattle Network's distribution list and did not receive an email inviting you to vote, you should visit Seattlenetwork.com to sign up. Balloting closes on July 19th at 5:00 pm.

According to Seattle Network Co-Founder Kristine Asin, all of the winners will receive a custom, metal sculpture donated by Fiddlehead.

"Winners will also have a very brief (one minute) opportunity to say thank you," says Asin.

The seattle.internet.com team will be on the scene, and will be running a special Sunday evening edition.