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Established Travel Agents Most Successful Online

[Berlin, GERMANY] Internet users in Germany, Great Britain, France and Sweden remain loyal to national providers of travel information on the net. This was the result of the most recent study in May by MMXI Europe.

Since the beginning of this year, the Deutschebahn.de, British-Airways.com, Nouvelles-Frontieres.fr and ving.se have been in first place in the list of top European travel sites. The British have only just begun to investigate the possibility of booking train journeys online. In May, two train sites were in the British Top 5 for the first time: TheTrainline.com and Railtrack.co.uk.

Pure Internet companies are also favored by euro travelers. The travel site lastminute.com has been at first place in the top British travel sites for months. Arielle Dinard, manager of MMXI Europe commented: "With the increasing maturity of the Internet, traditional suppliers of travel information are beginning to use the net in order to accentuate and strengthen their own brands. Although there are sometimes strong differences to be measured between countries in utilization behavior, established brands seem to generally have an easier time online. This of course presupposes that they are able to offer valuable information for their target group."

Internet users in the individual countries differ not only in respect of location. There are also gender specific differences in utilization practices. For example, over three quarters of the visitors of the British rail sites TheTrainline.com and Railtrack.co.uk are male, while only around 60 percent of the users of Deutschebahn.de are men. In addition, more than half of all visitors of lastminute.com in Great Britain are men, in France the figure lies at a mere 37 percent.