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KenRadio.com Joins E-Commerce Summit

[Rome, ITALY] Ken Rutkowski, the Los Angeles-based host of the daily radio show, World Technology Roundup, has joined the international line-up of industry experts slated to participate in the second annual E-Commerce Summit, October 4, 5 and 6 at the Rome Airport Hilton.

"Europe has a golden opportunity to develop Internet commerce," Rutkowski told Internet News. "The technology, the timing, and the market are prime for an explosion of Web business. E-Commerce Summit offers a forum for decision makers to learn and understand the various aspects that will make this happen."

The European Economic Commission estimates that e-business revenues in the region will reach 420 Euro by 2003. This is a significant increase over the 16.8 Euro of 1999. As a result, new Internet companies are emerging daily, and more and more investors are looking towards Europe for a share of the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) growth. This year's E-Commerce Summit promises a platform to make these transactions easier.

"Rather than follow the US lead, Europe can study the Internet model developed in North America and better it - avoiding the pitfalls and errors. As a result, we should see greater innovation, technology, and e-business development from Europe in the immediate future."

The American talk-show host will be Master of Ceremonies for the "International Program" of the three-day E-Commerce Summit.

In 1994, Rutkowski conducted the weekly radio show, Tech Talk, out of Chicago. Utilizing this venue, he helped pioneer work by AudioNet, the forerunner of Broadcast.com, and the Progressive Networks (now RealNetworks) by streaming his computer and technology. In doing so, Rutkowski became the first radio broadcaster to utilize the Internet for live interactive news and talk.

E-Commerce Summit is the first of a series of European appearances by the Internet radio celebrity, who has worked with CNET Radio, Streaming Media Talk, ABC Nightline, eYada, Yahoo, and MSNBC. Ken will also be participating in conferences in Amsterdam, London, and other European capitals throughout the coming year.

"My goal is to expose the world to Internet developments, and technology," said Rutkowski. "To do this, I'll be doing live broadcasts from the conferences, including E-Commerce Summit. In fact, my new show, E-Files, through eYada.com, will be transmitted live from Rome during the event."