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Internet Call Management via Interactive TV

[Bedford, CANADA] InfoInterActive Inc., an application service provider and developer of Internet call management services, agreed with Innovatia Inc. to deliver Internet-based call management technology through Innovatia's interactive television (ITV) portal.

This fall, Innovatia will introduce network-based Caller ID on its interactive television service, the first in a series of telephony services offered with InfoInterActive. Interactive television customers will be able to see who is telephoning by caller information displayed through the ITV portal.

Joe Mosher, general manager of Innovatia's interactive television division explained "By connecting the television to the Internet, Interactive television users can can visit an Internet site without leaving their favorite television program. Now that same capability will exist with telephone services."

Early in 2001, Innovatia plans to add more of InfoInterActive's IP-based call management technology to its ITV service including call waiting, caller log, the ability to forward calls selectively to voice mail, or play one of a series of messages based on who is calling. Customers will be able to transfer an incoming call from a cellular phone to another telephone line or a PC.

"We are committed to bringing real-time call control to all relevant appliances, including PCs, Web-enabled telephones, interactive pagers, Web appliances, Web-enabled televisions, and more," added Bill McMullin, chief executive officer and chairman of InfoInterActive.

InfoInterActive Inc. develops and deploys network-based services combining Internet, telephone, and wireless technologies.

Using Internet protocol technology, Innovatia provides solutions, including its interactive television (ITV) portal, professional services, hosted messaging, PC-TV, and Web-based learning. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aliant Inc., a group of advanced technology companies that delivers integrated solutions through wireline and wireless telecommunications, information technology, and mobile satellite services.