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World Trade Platform bolero.net Adds Technology Partners

[London, ENGLAND] World trade platform bolero.net announced Friday that four more companies have joined its partner program, aimed at extending the secure trading facilities offered to users.

The four companies -- CSI Complex Systems, E Net, Level Next and Sopra -- all provide software services that will help companies connect to the Bolero system and use it effectively.

CSI Complex Systems develops trade finance solutions, and is best-known for Banktrade, the market leader in trade finance applications.

E Net, which trades as Commerce 21 in the United States, develops e-commerce and m-commerce solutions in multiple languages and currencies.

Level Next has deployed its banking systems at over 300 locations on four continents.

Sopra, one of the largest IT services firms in France, is engaged on systems integration and software publishing, with subsidiaries in Benelux, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and the U.K.

Peter Scott, commercial director of bolero.net, said the company was not intending to provide any financial or logistics services itself, unlike existing proprietary systems.

"Our aim is to link everyone involved in cross-border trade which is why we have taken the route of maintaining a global e-business infrastructure. This then acts as a platform upon which accredited partners develop products that meet specific trading needs," said Scott.

As a result, explained Scott, there is a huge market opportunity for technology companies to develop what he called bolero.net-enabled products and for consulting firms to advise companies on the best way to implement the Bolero system.

The four new partners join existing members of the program including Sun Microsystems, Daewoo Information Systems, Silicon Crafts and GITI.

bolero.net intends to provide a trading environment that will allow companies in different countries to exchange trade documents and data electronically, using a neutral and "legally certain" system.