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We're Not Stalling .au Competition: Alston

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] Minister for Communications Richard Alston has answered accusations that the government was trying to delay competition in the .au domain name market. "Contrary to media reports, both the Government and auDA remain committed to the introduction of competition in a hurry, subject to the development of a sound competition model, formulated through an open and consultative policy process."

Last week australia.internet.com published comments by Larry Bloch, managing director of NetRegistry, claiming such processes were unnecessary for the implementation of competition. "Its not like we're talking about the deregulation of the telecommunications industry, which affected every aspect of our lives," said Bloch. "This is relatively simple."

There was a slap on the wrist for Professor Peter Gerrand too, as the government claimed that reported comments from the Melbourne IT chief executive were incorrect. "Far from extending or securing Melbourne IT's monopoly until October 2001, the agreement simply clarifies auDA's decision that additional registrars will not be licensed until a competition model for .au is developed."

Alston pointed out that auDA has signed similar agreements with registrars of net.au, asn.au and csiro.au, which will provide the 20 percent of its funding not supplied by Melbourne IT, along with gov.au and edu.au providers which are yet to sign an agreement.