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Marketing that Clicks

Prior to launching QuickMarketing, the company's CEO John Christenson and President Jeff Bender worked as marketing consultants to small and medium businesses.

Both had the opportunity to interview a lot of companies and noticed that most businesses neglected to market their companies effectively because of a lack of time, lack of knowledge due to turnover and lack of the necessary analytical tools.

It was obvious to the two that a solution could be found in technology (i.e the internet). It was then that the concept for QuickMarketing was born back in 1999.

Today, QuickMarketing provides dynamic, online marketing expertise that helps fast growth small and medium businesses easily plan, execute, and analyze Internet marketing activities.

According to Christenson, the name of the game is goal-based marketing. Through the company's Web-hosted application, QuickMarketing provides a step-by-step solution, complete with tips and tutorials and information such as cost per customer transaction, that allows businesses to set specific business goals and then select the best Internet marketing approach to achieve results.

Businesses are even alerted when there is a conflict between what they planned to do and are actually doing. But strategy and planning are only the first stages of the marketing process.

When it comes time for execution, QuickMarketing has partnered with leading marketing service providers, judged on peer-based reviews, that specialize in executing specific marketing activities.

By acting as the infomediary, the QuickMarketing hosted application helps match marketing service providers to specific activities, creating qualified leads for service providers while saving the users time.

QuickMarketing recently launched the beta phase of its product. Christenson and Bender like to refer to this as the "sneak & peak" phase. Several Seattle area dotcoms are involved.

According to Clique.com's Corporate Marketing Manager Craig Wicks, whether you are a small company or a major corporation, the steps involved in online marketing are the same.

"This tool helps you to manage the details that often fall through the cracks. QuickMarketing manages projects, vendors and marketing activities, all in one application and provides resources to execute a successful online marketing campaign," says Wicks.

Avolo, an online aerospace industry vertical exchange, is also taking a sneak and peak at QuickMarketing.com. Avolo's MarCom Manager Susan Toigo has found the service to be an easy-to-use tool.

"Whether you are a marketing novice or a senior marketing executive, this application helps you plan and execute your online campaign with ease," says Toigo.

According to Bender the easy-to-use factor is intentional. "It was our goal from the beginning to make our product customer-centric," says Bender.

QuickMarketing currently has 12 full-time employees and is slowly growing out of its downtown Bellevue office space as it recruits additional staff.

According to Christenson, the company is attracting mainly marketing professionals with an interest in Internet technology. One of the latest executives to join the team is VP of Technology George Ouzts. "George simply lives and breaths Marketing," says Christenson.

And how is the young dotcom using its own technology to help itself grow? According to Christenson, QuickMarketing drinks its own cool aid. "We used our system to plan our last email target blast, and we achieved results that were three times the industry average."