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Auction's On

Bidpath Corporation has announced three major strategic alliances with Amazon.com LiveBid Auctions, bLiquid.com, and Rabin Brothers Auctioneers and Appraisers Worldwide.

According to the agreement with Amazon.com LiveBid Auctions, Bidpath will co-market to auctioneers, cross-sell to B2B and B2C auction customers and combine online and live broadcast technologies to provide greater ability and convenience to attract buyers and sellers around the globe.

In the deal with bLiquid.com, Bidpath enabled auctioneers will now be able to automatically list their auction items for sale by category to bLiquid.com's Web site. Both Bidpath and bLiquid.com gain from this liaison. bLiquid.com receives dramatically increased auction item listing opportunities, and Bidpath auctioneers gain greater exposure to bLiquid.com buyers searching for industrial items.

The agreement with traditional auctioneers Rabin Brothers adds millions of dollars in capital assets to the company's online auction listings. The bay area based global firm is a long-standing traditional auction company recognized as an international asset recovery service.

Bidpath is building a bridge between bricks-and-mortar auction companies and B2B and B2C online auction powerhouses by offering an automated e-commerce solution for offline auctioneers.