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QXL.com Expands Into Belgium

[London, ENGLAND] European online auctioneer QXL.com announced Tuesday its expansion into Belgium with a new site, www.qxl.be, available in both French and Dutch languages.

QXL.com now has twelve sites in Europe, some of them -- like www.qxl.be -- created by the parent company, others acquired from local operators. All the sites are interlinked so that users in one country can bid for items in another.

Michiel van der Meer, who is managing director of QXL.nl in the Netherlands is responsible for expanding the company's operations right across the Benelux region. He was formerly on the management team of online publisher Planet Internet, and later, managing director of OZZ Interactive.

"The Netherlands, under Michiel's direction, has proved a very successful site and Belgium is a natural expansion in this area. With this site, we are in an excellent position to offer buyers and sellers across Europe access to an unrivalled community of users," said QXL.com Chief Executive Jim Rose.

The latest move fills in one of the most obvious gaps in QXL.com's coverage of the European continent. It follows the opening of sites in the U.K., Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain, and acquisitions in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Poland.

Although QXL.com has never quite matched the meteoric success of eBay in the United States, it has overcome some of the inherent difficulties of the very different European market with great speed. It now operates in nine languages and ten currencies, conducting both consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer auctions 24 hours a day.

One of QXL's most ambitious moves has been the proposed acquisition of ricardo.de AG in a share-for-share exchange, announced in May this year. Directors of QXL have said they expect to complete the ricardo.de acquisition by the end of August.