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Pulse Signs Exmachina in European Deal

[London, ENGLAND] Interactive 3D Web animation software pioneer Pulse Entertainment announced Tuesday a deal with French digital post-production company Exmachina for distribution of Pulse technology to designers and agencies in Europe.

Privately funded, Pulse has created an innovative add-on to Web browsers that not only downloads very quickly but enables the user to interact extensively with a 3D image, making it move and change shape at the click of the mouse.

Many users in the U.K. have already enjoyed the Pulse-based model of Prime Minister Tony Blair at www.phonyblair.com, a design that continues England's rich tradition of truly scurrilous political cartooning.

Pulse's new European distributor Exmachina has specialized in large-format productions for theme parks, using 35mm, 70mm, flat, hemispheric and 3D screens, video games and the Web.

Pierre Noizat, general manager of Exmachina, said his company intended to make Pulse technology one of the cornerstones of its Web business.

"We are going to propose Pulse Technology to our clients to project interactive content onto the Web with a focus on 3D character creation and animation, and navigation in 3D universes," said Noizat.

Noizat said that Pulse technology is currently the only product on the market that offers a lightweight plug-in with strong functionality that includes morphing, MP3, animation streaming, character studio support and integration with other software.

With clients that include Autodesk, Excite@Home, Intel, Mattel, Microsoft, MTV, NBC, Real Player, The Jim Henson Company, and Time Warner, Pulse appears to be making penetration that could position it as a serious rival to Macromedia. However, it has a long way to go.

The Macromedia Flash Player has 222 million users and 1.4 million downloads every day, with over 90 per cent of all Web users now able to view Flash content.

Mark Yahiro, president of Pulse Entertainment, is confident that the new tie-up with Exmachina will greatly boost usage of the product.

"Europe is an exciting, fast-developing market open to the latest ideas in rich media Web content for e-commerce and entertainment, and Exmachina is an innovation leader in Europe," said Yahiro.

Among Exmachina's clients are all the major advertising agencies together with such corporations as Matsushita, Toshiba, Iwerks and Astra-SES.