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ThinkView Is Thinking Syndication

With Internet companies worldwide scrambling to find editorial content, the business of syndication has become a hot topic in recent months.

One local company, ThinkView.com, has entered into the market with intent to crush the competition.

According to Bhu Srinivasan, Founder and CEO, the company will achieve this through their solid business plan and management team.

The 23-year-old CEO believes companies such as iSyndicate, yellowbrix.com, and screaming media, who are doing similar ventures have, in fact, validated ThinkView's idea and business plan.

"The fact that these companies are sharing our ideas reinforces that this is a good idea," says Bhu.

Although the competition is fierce, Srinivasan isn't overly concerned with his competitors.

"Our competitors are good, but they were so early to the dance, that they've become addicted to business models that are not the best for today," says Bhu. "We have a ubiquitous content solution that keeps it simple by having just the headlines and the URLs, and isolates the context of the full text."

ThinkView's technology, DaVinci, uses verbal algorithms to discern the context of full text content from 250 content suppliers. This technology allows only relevant headlines and URL's to be distributed based on their context, to subscribers.

While some critics object to having to leave the partner site to read content, Srinivasan feels that it is a minor price.

"We've had people who say 'I don't want people to leave my site,' but the way I see it, that doesn't make any sense. If I leave your site, and you offer a great service and experience, I may come back."

Having quality editorial content available is one of those things that Bhu feels will bring customers back.

"Anytime (audiences) want that very powerful and rich media content, they are going to come to your site. We give people the solution to dominate their vertical space and to really provide the most compelling experience to their users," says the CEO.

The proof, according to Srinivasan is in the numbers. "Every place where the ThinkView solution has been deployed, page views have increased."

Thinkview is currently working on a number of big partnerships, including talks with industry leaders such as Altavista and E-Trade.