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Bidpath Deploys Auction Aid

Seattle.internet.com reported last month that Bidpath Corporation was working with an undisclosed major camera company.

Today, the company announced the official deployment of its patent-pending Portable Inventory Collection System (PICSTM) technology designed to operate with an easy-to-use digital camera manufactured by Kodak.

In cooperation with Kodak, Bidpath has developed an application, tailor-made for the $200 billion U.S. traditional auction industry.

Running on the Kodak DC290 Digital Camera, the Bidpath PICS firmware guides auctioneers through the collection of inventory data.

According to Bidpath officials, this technology will yield a 10-to-one time-savings.

According to Bidpath CEO and President Scott Laster, it used to be a Herculean effort for Bidpath customers to research and post just 20 auction items online, and most didn't bother to make the effort.

"However, now thousands of items can be uploaded through the Bidpath infrastructure in the span of hours, not weeks," says Laster.