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ACCC Advises Business to Keep Web Sites Up-To-Date

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] Web site administrators who are lax in updating their pages have been issued a stern warning by the ACCC to "weed" outdated material.

Continuing the botanical theme, ACCC chairman Professor Alan Fels took time off from chasing GST abusers to advise businesses that "a little effort towards prevention, in terms of Web site 'gardening', can save enormous grief to consumers and avoid legal consequences for businesses wanting to use this technology."

Fels said that some Internet advertisers had been tempted to keep outdated material on their sites, but that unless a Web site clearly identifies material as outdated or historic, consumers may be mislead. "Such material can lead to severe consequences under the Trade Practices Act," he added.

The ACCC advised firms to regularly review the material on their sites and to clearly label outdated or historic items as such, or delete them. "For example, a media release announcing a special offer should be either deleted from the Web site as soon as the offer expires or a warning should be inserted that clearly notifies readers that the special offer has ended," said Fels.