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Danes Launch Europe's First 24-Hour Internet TV Station

[London, ENGLAND] With ambitious plans to conquer Europe, Danish investors launched Tuesday a full-scale Internet TV venture named ScoopStation.

Initially aimed at the Danish market, ScoopStation has five program channels and covers subjects ranging from news and documentaries to music, lifestyle, motors, and what is rather cryptically called "extreme."

ScoopStation acquires content from local and international TV companies, but if viewers find little to interest them they can obtain a video camera from the station to record their own lifestyle shows.

Michael Meister, chief executive of Scoopstation, said the target audience was Internet users between 15 and 25 years. He added that they must have ISDN connections, or faster, for Internet access.

"When even faster connections like ADSL and Internet via cable-TV will be introduced on a larger scale, we can broadcast full screen TV in near DVD quality," said Meister.

ScoopStation says it is planning an expansion into other European markets, but gave no indication of when this would happen. In some countries, very few teenagers have ADSL connections or even ISDN.

Among the backers of ScoopStation are an advertising agency that launched Ingram Micro TV, Denmark's first business-to-business Internet TV-station last year, broadcasting shows and online education to IT dealers.

ScoopStation says it plans to use Microsoft's Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology which allows the control of copying and broadcasting of individual files, thereby solving what it calls "one of the major copyright problems associated with the Internet."