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Yahoo! Enhances Mail Feature

Yahoo! Inc. Monday launched a service that simplifies the viewing of attachments in Yahoo! Mail.

The flexible file viewing feature eliminates the need for special software to view file attachments. For example, email recipients who receive a business document can view that file without having the word processing program installed on their computers.

The viewer eliminates the need to download files and offers convenience for those who want to quickly look at an attachment, noted Lisa Pollock, senior producer, Yahoo!

"With the increasingly large number of file attachments being sent via e-mail, we want to give our users the convenience and ability to view as many different types of files as possible, whether they have the appropriate software or not," she said.

"With our new file viewer feature, we're able to give people the ability to view an incredibly wide variety of attachments quickly and conveniently," she said.

Other steps taken by the company include doubling he size of consumers' inboxes from three megabytes to six megabytes and establishing services for a wireless version of Yahoo! Mail.