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Carrier1 Starts Fiber Build in Berlin, Munich

[London, ENGLAND] European facilities-based communications provider Carrier1 International announced Tuesday the construction of two more fiber optic city rings in Berlin and Munich.

Carrier1 has already completed 16 kilometers of cable in Munich and 35 in Berlin, and says the new rings will enable it to connect major data centers, carriers and access nodes in these two cities to its national German network.

"The Berlin and Munich city rings further increase the overall utility of our German National network while continually reducing costs and improving our lead time to get to our customers," said Neil Craven, executive vice president, Business Development, at Carrier1.

Craven said the company expected both rings to be completed in the first half of 2001.

The German city rings follow projects in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe. Recently, Carrier1 announced the start of a 39-kilometer ring in Paris, and an agreement with for building a 60-kilometer-long, high-capacity fiber city network in Milan.

Carrier1 plans to build 20 city rings across Europe by the end of 2001, each of them connecting major telecom centers and the so-called "IT Mega-Centres" being developed in a joint venture with DigiPlex.

Having obtained operational licenses for providing both network solutions and value-added services, Carrier1 operates in 12 European countries and maintains points-of-presence in 20 cities.

Headquartered in Switzerland, Carrier1 is listed on the Neuer Markt in Frankfurt and on the Nasdaq in New York.