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Universal Access Co-Locates With IXEurope

[London, ENGLAND] Internet infrastructure services provider Universal Access announced an agreement Wednesday with datacenter operator IXEurope for the co-location of facilities in the U.K.

The deal will allow Universal Access to place its Universal Transport Exchange (UTX) interconnection facilities at IXEurope's datacenters in London and Heathrow Airport. The move is seen by UA management as a key building block in its global expansion strategy.

Eventually, Universal Access hopes to offer end-to-end network connectivity solutions not only in Europe but also in Asia and Latin America. It says its plan is to "stitch together fragmented, high-capacity networks," creating a seamless broadband infrastructure for use by ISPs, ASPs and TSPs (respectively, Internet, Application and Telecommunications service providers).

Patrick Shutt, chairman, president and chief executive of Universal Access, spoke of Europe's rapidly expanding Internet economy, and said there was a need for service providers to extend their networks very speedily.

"By building our interconnection facilities in IXEurope's neutral co-location superhubs, we are expanding our access to a wide variety of networks and helping create end-to-end, global network ubiquity," said Shutt.

In the U.K., IXEurope is also host to the London Internet Exchange which supports no less than 140 separate ISPs. It is already building a datacenter in Paris, scheduled to open in November this year, and has plans to open a further 20 centers around Europe by the end of 2002.

Guy Willner, chief executive of IXEurope, commented that service providers have requirements ranging from IT and physical space to personnel and facilities management -- and that his company could fulfill all of them "within a couple of days."

"We see Universal Access as providers of a strong value-added proposition for any of our customers needing managed end-to-end connectivity solutions," said Willner.

IXEurope operates a "carrier neutral" environment which gives companies the freedom to select which carrier to use.