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SAGEPort and Intel Team Up on Dot.Station

Seattle.internet.com has learned that Bellevue-based SAGEport, an integrated provider of services for the senior citizen market, is going to be the first U.S. provider of Intel's Dot.Station web appliance.

In an exclusive interview, SAGEPort CEO Brian Deutsch told seattle.internet.com that his company would deliver the Intel Dot.Station web appliance to consumers in late Fall. "It will be available in limited quantities right before the holidays," says Deutsch.

"The fact that a company like Intel has chosen to work with us on this product says a lot about the direction our company is taking," says Deutsch.

SAGEPort will rely on some very targeted marketing for the initial release, and hopes to take advantage of Intel's market muscle too.

The all-in-one bundle, known as SAGEvision, includes an Intel Dot.Station web appliance, an ISP service that will provide quick access to the Internet and SAGEport.com, a senior-friendly community and marketplace on the Internet.

"SAGEvision provides seniors with everything they need to fully experience the Internet, but we also keep it simple," says the CEO. "Our goal is to make seniors as comfortable using the Internet as they are using the telephone."

The Intel Dot.Station web appliance, a centerpiece of the SAGEvision bundle, will incorporate a large, high resolution 14-inch monitor, support the latest Internet technologies, and will have the ability to be remotely updated using the Intel System Management Suite.

According to Deutsch the SAGEvision version also includes an integrated trackball created specifically for seniors. In addition, there's a sponsor key that leads users directly to a variety of websites that can be useful to senior surfers.

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