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ANZ Links to corProcure

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] ANZ will link its online procurement service anzebiz with the newly formed corProcure marketplace.

Under the agreement, ANZ and corProcure's online procurement services will be linked, enabling companies operating through anzebiz and corProcure to interact, view catalogs and transact on either site.

anzebiz.com provides a supplier directory with an online catalog, covering a range of indirect supplies including stationery, industrial wares, services and IT equipment.

Integrated with these features will be ANZ's secure online payments system, online reporting and in the future, online auctioning, payment acceleration and other services.

ANZ's head of business e-commerce, Mike Irvine, said the interconnection alliance strengthens ANZ's strategy to become the leading bank for business e-commerce.

"Linking the sites enhances the position of the two marketplaces by offering a broader e-procurement service that covers both the middle market via anzebiz.com, and the corporate market via corProcure," he said.

"This alliance better enables both marketplaces to provide a broader and deeper capability and to accelerate access by businesses to the latest e-procurement technologies."

Irvine added that the agreement would also provide companies with a value added service that would "help drive gains in terms of cost savings, reduced administration, increased flexibility and greater market reach," he said.

corProcure views the alliance with ANZ as the first step towards leveraging complementary initiatives across corProcure's founding shareholders, targeting small to middle markets.