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Primus Promises Unlimited High-Speed ADSL

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] iPrimus has announced it will allow home users unlimited downloads on its highest speed ADSL offering, and will undercut Telstra on price.

While Telstra's unlimited consumer plans start at $78 per month for 256kbps download with 64kbps upload, iPrimus' equivalent plan will charge $74. But the big difference comes at the speedier end of the spectrum, where Primus plans to offer HomeJet customers an unlimited downloads on 1.5Mbps/256kbps pipes.

Like Telstra, Primus' will offer its cheaper prices to customers who preselect its telephony services, but it will only provide two speeds, whereas Telstra has offered a mid-range plan. Primus will not offer business users unlimited plans, but will market an HDSL plan with a 1000Mb download limit to high-volume business users at $700 per month, along its download-limited ADSL plans.

Primus will charge between $187 and $295 for installation depending on length of contract, undercutting Telstra's $189-$399 fees. Customers can pre-order ADSL on the company's Web site, but no availablity date was announced.

The only other player to announce DSL pricing, Pacific Internet, originally published a much higher structure on its Web site which has been removed since Telstra's pricing announcement.

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