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Extranet Company Bowstreet Opens in Europe

[London, ENGLAND] XML business web solutions provider Bowstreet announced Wednesday the opening of its operations in the U.K. and Germany, plus a senior sales appointment.

Bowstreet has built a successful business in the U.S. by designing what it calls "business webs" -- network infrastructures that link various businesses dynamically via extranets. The move into the U.K. and Germany signals the start of its European operations.

Recently, the extranet specialist appointed Karl M. Klarmann to the role of managing director for Europe. This week he is joined by Cyrus Gilbert-Rolfe, formerly Netscape's European sales director in charge of e-commerce applications, who now becomes Bowstreet's director of sales for Northern Europe.

Cyrus Gilbert-Rolfe also developed an e-commerce practice for Perot Systems as well as the first intranet system in the City of London when he worked for Lehman Brothers International.

Gilbert-Rolfe described Bowstreet as being "the pioneers of the business webs vision in the U.S." and said he had joined at the right time for an exciting expansion into Europe.

Most European managers are now becoming familiar with using the Internet as an informational tool, but establishing useful B2B networks can still be a daunting task. This is where Bowstreet says it makes a difference -- by helping line-of-business managers to take control of e-business without requiring technical help.

Bowstreet has a patent-pending product named the Bowstreet Business Web Factory which lets companies form instant B2B connections, effectively establishing their own extranet using the tools provided.

As a result, companies can set up new channels of distribution and create new business models at what Bowstreet says is "a fraction of the time and cost of today's approaches."