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ebookers Announces "E-Ticketing"

[London, ENGLAND] European online travel company ebookers.com said Thursday it has introduced an e-ticketing service for air flights booked via its site.

Initially, the service will be available for British Airways flights but ebookers said it will extend e-ticketing to United Airlines and other major carriers over the next three months.

The move to e-ticketing is expected to result in substantial cost-savings to ebookers by cutting out the cost of handling, postage, and other fulfillment costs.

It works like this: customers book a flight on the ebookers.com Web site, then wait for confirmation by e-mail -- which is deemed to be an "e-ticket" not only by ebookers but also by the airline. Customers simply report to the airline check-in desk, with their passport and credit-card.

But is this really "e-ticketing," we wonder?

Dinesh Dhamija, chief executive office at ebookers.com says it is -- and claims his company is one of the first in Europe to use it.

"With e-ticketing, ebookers.com is using its IT expertise to reduce costs, and maximize business efficiency. E-ticketing also enhances the ebookers.com customer experience, by giving them an instant ticket without the worry or inconvenience of waiting for a postal delivery," said Dhamija.

Operating in eleven European countries, ebookers.com will need to negotiate with the 119 other airlines with which it does business if it expects to make e-ticketing ubiquitous for all its discount airfares.