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Finnish VDSL Developer Moves Into Scandinavia

[London, ENGLAND] Finland's pioneer of "Very-high-speed Digital Subscriber Line" technology VDSL Systems said Friday it has expanded into Denmark to serve the whole Scandinavian region.

From Denmark, VDSL will provide service not only to Danish, Swedish and Norwegian markets but also to the Faeroe Islands and Iceland.

VDSL Systems offers a range of Ivalo Rapid products that can be deployed to create fast leased line access connections to the Internet and other IP networks.

Jussi Autere, chief executive of VDSL Systems, said the Nordic countries are "miles ahead of the rest of Europe" in using new technologies like the Internet, mobile communication and broadband.

"As ADSL subscriptions are accelerating, these markets are now ready to exploit the next step with DSL technology, that is to say Real Broadband with speeds of 10-26 Mbit/s," said Autere.

Auter went on to explain that the technology will allow video mail (v-mail), Video on Demand and central office access from the home, while still keeping the line open for traditional telephony activities.

By re-using the existing copper infrastructure, VDSL Systems enables telecoms companies such as Tele Denmark, Telia and Telenor to supply a new service at minimal cost. It claims that VDSL technology can run uplink speeds at over thirty times the speed of ADSL.

Based in Copenhagen -- a major networking hub for fiber optic network connections -- VDSL Systems' new subsidiary is managed by Thomas Degel.

In July 2000, venture capital fund Kennet Capital invested in VDSL Systems, taking its financing to over $2.5 million. Other investors include SFK Finance, which was recently acquired by 3i.

Founded in 1999, VDSL Systems expects to employ around 40 people by the end of 2000, some of whom will work at its branch in California.