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Price Comparator Zoomit.com Expands in Europe

[London, ENGLAND] Norway's largest real time price comparison service Zoomit.no announced Monday the launch of a pan-European service at Zoomit.com.

Zoomit.com enables people to find products ranging from electronics to cars, in 400 shops using 10 different languages. It automatically converts currencies to make shopping across borders easy.

"We established Zoomit as the leading price comparison service in Scandinavia...and we are now expanding it to Europe as a fully tested model," said Johan Dolven, general manager of Zoomit.com.

As well as offering price comparisons, Zoomit has an online guide to more than 2000 shops. Among its other European sites are Zoomit.se in Sweden and Zoomit.dk in Denmark.

The company behind the venture is Zoomit.com ASA, a Norwegian Internet firm with subsidiaries in Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands. It says it plans to employ over 100 people by the end of 2000, with subsidiaries throughout the European Union.

Established in 1997 as Maskot Interactive AS by Per Siljubergsasen and William Klippgen, the company evolved into Zoomit Network and received a substantial capital investment from Kistefos Venture Capital. Today, Kistefos owns around 28 percent of Zoomit, which is now a public limited liability company with many other investors.