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European WAP Trivia Turns to Drink

[London, ENGLAND] Swedish mobile software and services developer room33 has acquired what it says is the world's first mobile Internet drink and cocktail recipe guide, WAP2Bar.com.

WAP developers have long believed that mobile phone users have an insatiable thirst for trivia. Now the theory will be put to the test with the integration of WAP2Bar.com into the next release of room33's mobile portal later this month.

"The room33.com target audience is students and young professionals, all of whom are highly mobile and interested in fun. Bar33 is a fun zone," said Zaheed Haque, founder and chief executive of room33.

WAP2Bar is a concept that will probably play better in Europe than the United States, as Europeans are less well informed than Americans about the contents of a Manhattan or a Brandy Alexander. John Cleese immortalized this cultural difference in the TV series "Fawlty Towers" by attempting to serve two very non-drinkable screwdrivers to American guests.

The WAP2Bar service will be renamed "Bar22" and will let users search for drinks by type, by ingredients, by the glass, or by drink name. Users who are unable to think of any cocktail names whatsoever can call on the random drink generator for suggestions.

In June this year, room33's cutting-edge ideas in the mobile phone market attracted investment of US $40 million from TecCapital Limited, a U.K. company controlled by David and Frederick Barclay.

At the time of the investment, TecCapital's Richard Faber said room33 was ideally positioned to take advantage of 3G technologies which he said would shape the future development of the mobile services market.

If the market does not perform as predicted, the investors should have little trouble ordering a stiff drink.