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WEB.DE Pushes Ahead of AOL, Fireball and Altavista

[Berlin, GERMANY] The Internet portal Web.de has worked its way from seventh place in absolute coverage in the German Internet to fourth place, according to the sixth wave of the Online Monitor of the Society for Consumer Research (GfK). Within six months, Web.de has been able to make the leap into the "Top Five" of German content providers and is currently available to 5.4 million Internet users. In Germany, Web.de now lies ahead of such competition as AOL, Altavista and Fireball. The unchallenged king of coverage is still the search portal Yahoo, followed by Lycos and T-Online.

     Wave 6                   Wave 5 
Coverage in percent      Coverage in percent 

Yahoo 53.5%                     47.8% 
Lycos 43.9%                     29.2% 
T-Online 38.4%                  33.0% 
WEB.DE 30.1%                    22.0% 
Fireball 27.8%                  26.6% 
Altavista 25.6%                 25.0% 
AOL 22.1%                       23.8% 

The GfK, Society for Consumer Research in Nuremberg, conducts the Online Monitor surveys semi-annually; the sixth wave of the survey was published today. The survey is intended to reflect the dynamic of the Internet market in Germany. A randomly chosen, representative sample with 8004 persons was interviewed between May 24, 2000 and July 5, 2000. The test population reflects all persons between 14 and 69 years of age in private homes with telephones in Germany.