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Quadtel Wins Telstra ADSL Modem Contract

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] Broadband service provider Quadtel Limited has won a preferred supplier contract with Telstra for ADSL modems. Quadtel expects the preferred supplier status to be worth $4 million in the year 2000, increasing to beyond $10 million by mid 2001.

Telstra is currently rolling out a $200 million ADSL infrastructure which was commercially launched on August 21, following trials during which Quadtel was the sole modem supplier.

Quadtel will supply and install Alcatel's Speedtouch modem to residential and business customers of ISPs who use Telstra's wholesale ADSL service, FlexStream.

"We expect ADSL will attract ever increasing numbers of Internet-connected consumers and businesses to broadband due to its accessibility, cost-effectiveness and speed," said Quadtel CEO, David Ramsay. "With ADSL, users will be able to download CD quality music, compete in multiplayer networked games and experience rich multimedia content over a permanent connection. As international experience has shown, a rich set of new business opportunities will also open to early-adopters of broadband technology."

Quadtel claimed the supplier arrangement will enable it to grow rapidly as Telstra rolls out its network and the customer base expands. "In the USA and parts of Asia, such as Korea, the customer base has grown by several million so far this year. Quadtel will provide consultancy to its customers to assist their rapid take-up of ADSL and to improve their competitive position," the company said in a statement to the ASX.