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Chapters Hits Virtual Airwaves

[Toronto, CANADA] Chapters Online announced today the launch of a new online radio station located at chapters.ca/radio. Chapters.ca Radio features 23 channels with a selection of more than 20,000 songs.

The channels include: Alternative, Blues, Children's, Classical, Country, Dance & DJ, Folk, Jazz, New Age, Pop, Rap & Hip-Hop, R&B/Soul, Religious, Soundtracks, Top 40, World, '30s Hits, '40s Hits, '50s Hits, '60s Hits, '70s Hits, '80s Hits and '90s Hits.

The new service enables Chapters Online customers to access music in places like downtown office buildings where conventional radio signals often can't reach, and it provides them with an interactive and entertaining shopping experience.

Customers are able to shop while they listen by clicking on the "buy" button to purchase the CD directly from Chapters.ca.

They can also receive more information on the track they're listening to by clicking the "artist" button. Listeners can also surf within the stations, skipping ahead to new tracks -- a feature not possible on conventional radio stations.

The technology behind Chapters.ca Radio is provided by RadioMOI.com, employing Real Audio technology to actually broadcast the content.

The first Webcaster licensed to publicly perform sound recordings, RadioMOI.com boasts the largest music database on the Internet, comprised of major and independent record label music.

The appeal of Internet Radio has already been demonstrated in the United States.

A study released in February by the radio survey group Abritron found that in that country, Internet radio had a monthly audience of 11 million, making it the third-largest radio market nation-wide.