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Drinks Procurement Network Expands in Europe

[London, ENGLAND], the first global beverage network for the drinks industry, announced a major European expansion Thursday.

Having formed a European operation a few months ago, says it will commence pilot programs in three countries by the end of the year.

J. Smoke Wallin, founder and chief executive of, said that fragmentation and a general lack of investment in technology in the drinks industry made the solution applicable everywhere.

"Our advanced technology, industry neutrality, and success in the U.S. give us a significant first-mover advantage that will allow us to put's global network to use around the world," claimed Wallin.

Europe, with a retail market for beverage alcohol standing at US $200 billion -- twice the size of the U.S. market -- must certainly look enticing for The average European consumes more alchohol than the average American, and is able to shop from any of 1.5 million on-premise outlets.

What's more: the current European lead in wireless technology makes the eBOTS-m solution for retailers and distributor sales forces especially relevant and useful.

John Davison, chief executive Europe, also pointed out that eBOTS has been developed to accommodate local business rules, which is exactly what is needed in a European setting.

"Unlike many U.S. based firms, has fully grasped the importance of local rules and relationships to its ultimate success. We look forward to engaging beverage industry partners in Europe in this exciting process," said Davison. announced its European management team, which besides ex-Diageo VP John Davison consists of Chief Technology Officer Keith McLeod, U.K. Managing Director Andrew Allan, and Spain Managing Director Fernando Diaz Alonso. has raised over US $55 million over the past year, while securing agreements to serve U.S. markets which represent US $97 billion in retail sales.

Among the exchanges which use's beverage solution are,,,, and Tibersoft Corporation.