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Kataweb Takes Control of Aleph Srl

[Rome, ITALY] Kataweb, the Internet holding of Italian media conglomerate Gruppo Editoriale Espresso, announced that it has acquired 100 percent of software development and integrated services company, Aleph Srl.

Looking to strengthen its in-house systems integration capabilities, Kataweb acquired 51 percent of Pisa-based Aleph last June. The company, founded in 1992, had sales of $4 million last year in four market segments: system integration for B2C portals; e-commerce outsourcing; analysis and software applications; and the sale of software packages.

According to a company spokesman, the growing interest in the Internet within the Italian business sector, in particular high-quality, new technology, should triple Alephs sales for 2000.

Kataweb also possesses a subsidiary holding of Uhuru Digital Design Srl, specializing in corporate site development as well as an 8 percent share of Presto Technologies, a Boston multimedia analysis group founded in 1998 by Media Lab Researchers. The new purchase, giving Kataweb 100 percent control of Aleph, will strengthened the companys presence in the Italian B2B marketplace, according to analysts.

In a separate announcement the Italian government approved Katawebs purchase of 70 percent of Sias, a multimedia, telecom solutions company.