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Free the Domains

In a move to bolster their freemerchant.com site, Network Commerce Inc. has announced the launch of DomainZero.com, a free registration service of Internet domain names.

The new service from Network Commerce will allow businesses, merchants and individuals to register their site with no monetary charge.

According to the fine print, the company requires that in return for the waived registration fee, the domain owner "receive promotional offerings via email of various products and services from third party Merchants listed on our sign up page." At a minimum, the domain owner agrees to accept at least one email from those listed Merchants.

This must be agreed to each year, or the owner will be subject to registration fees.

"DomainZero.com breaks down the barriers by letting everyone establish a presence online. Coupled with FreeMerchant.com we can help small business get up and running online at no cost," says Serge Wilson, executive vice President and founder of FreeMerchant.com.