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Dstore Takes the AllAdvantage Initiative

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] Internet infomediary AllAdvantage.com has signed an advertising campaign and loyalty program alliance deal with online retailer dstore.

Under the deal, dstore will give AllAdvantage members a five percent discount on every purchase sourced through the AllAdvantage Viewbar, while AllAdvantage will provide dstore with highly targeted permission-based marketing to its membership base of 250,000 online consumers in Australia.

The Viewbar is AllAdvantage's software, which has a visible presence on members' computers. It delivers AllAdvantage services to members and allows AllAdvantage to gather data on member's behavior while they surf the Internet.

AllAdvantage will display ads urging its members to shop online at dstore and benefit from this five percent, and display dstore promotions whenever AllAdvantage members are at the Web sites of other online retailers.

Additionally, the Viewbar will provide AllAdvantage members with continuous one-click access to all dstore shopping departments.

"This alliance with dstore illustrates the AllAdvantage business proposition of rewarding people to explore the Web," said AllAdvantage.com Australia's managing director James Hooke. "Our ongoing aim is to create virtuous cycles."

"In this instance, all the stakeholders reap benefits from the alliance - dstore benefits because it only pays for the online transactors that AllAdvantage deliver; AllAdvantage members win because they get a five percent discount off all dstore purchases; and AllAdvantage wins because we receive a proportion of the revenue from the transaction," said Hooke.

The AllAdvantage Viewbar is a combination between an advertising campaign and a loyalty program", said David Gold, CEO and founder of dstore. "Unlike traditional online revenue share deals, the consumer shares in part of the AllAdvantage rebate - this is what motivates the consumer to consolidate their online shopping with dstore."