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Pre-Registration Kick-Off for .ca Domain Name Holders

[Ottawa, CANADA] Today marks the beginning of the long-anticipated pre-transfer registration period for .ca domain holders.

All current .ca domain name holders are required to pre-register their .ca domain name with CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) to be included in the new .ca registry, which will become active on or about November 1, 2000.

CIRA is a not-for-profit organization mandated to operate the .ca top-level domain. It is responsible for setting policy, managing and operating the .ca domain database and registering domain names.

"The transfer of the responsibility for the registry from a volunteer organization at the University of British Columbia to the not-for-profit CIRA is part of a long-term plan to relax current registration rules and to streamline the registration process for .ca domain names," said Glen Bloom, co-chair of the CIRA Board.

The pre-registration of existing .ca domain names is necessary to ensure that they are transitioned into the CIRA Registry before it begins to accept new requests under the new more liberal rules.

To pre-register, .ca domain name holders must submit their requests to a CIRA-certified registrar. They have until the operational transfer date (OTD), on or about November 1, 2000, to do so.

The list of certified registrars is available on CIRA's Web site.

CIRA and its registrars are prepared for a high volume of requests, as there are more than 90,000 .ca domain names in the current registry.

CIRA anticipates that all existing registrants will have pre-registered their domain names before the OTD.

Only those names that have been pre-registered in the CIRA Registry will continue to be active after that date, although there is a 30-day grace period to handle exceptions.