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iiNet Unveils DSL Plans

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] Western Australian ISP iiNet has announced that it's ADSL service will be rolled out in October. The company today announced a net profit after tax of $1.93 million for the financial year, up 30 percent from it's previous annual result.

iiNet currently has 46,500 subscriber accounts, and acquired 8 ISPs during the year. iiNet's acquisition program was slower than expected "due to vendors seeking unrealistic prices," the company said in a statement to the ASX. iiNet said it was nonetheless well placed to provide ADSL services, as it had completed a facilities access agreement with Telstra that would provide the company with access to Telstra exchanges.

iiNet plans to offer two levels of ADSL service. ADSL Express will be targeted at consumers, offering 256kbps downstream / 64kbps upstream with a minimum monthly traffic charge of $85 for 500Mb of downloads. Additional traffic will be charged at 15c per Mb. ADSL Corporate will provide 1.5mbps downstream / 256 kbps upstream with a minimum monthly traffic charge of $125 for 500Mb. Additional traffic will again be charged at 15c per Mb. A setup fee will apply of $189 to $399 depending on length of contract.