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Liquid Data Technology Extends Net-Based Computing

Inergy Online announced that its new "liquid data" file conversion engine allows users to transfer data files, through the Internet, between PCs, NCs, and handheld devices including 3Com's PalmPilot.

The vendor says the product will "expand the vision of Net-based computing."

Charles Belanger, president of Inergy Online, said: "By embracing open standards in every aspect of our technology, from operating system to software applications to user interface to file management, we're able to offer essential computing services to anyone, anywhere--regardless of device.

"We've released users from the restrictions of device-specific computing. The next generation of computing, which our technology is making possible, is about delivering services to users," said Belanger.

Fundamental to Inergy's approach is a unique Internet operating system called IOS2000. Unlike other operating systems it offers universal device support, freeing users from being tied to a local hard disk drive and putting software services and personal files on the network. To use the system, subscribers log on to their own WebDesk, a start area from which to access Inergy services.

The vendor refers to this style of computing as "zero-client technology" because it requires no locally installed applications. However, there is no shortage of hosted applications, and the vendor offers Web site creation and hosting services, e-mail, word processing, contact management, file management, etc.

Summarizing its benefits, the vendor says: "With Inergy's zero-client technology, users always have access to personal information and easy to use services whether at home, at work, at school, or while traveling."