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PalmPilot to Use Certicom Cryptography

3Com Corp. and Certicom Corp., a provider of cryptographic security technologies, have agreed for Certicom to provide data security technologies based on its implementation of an advanced security technology called Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC).

ECC will be used in future versions of 3Com's PalmPilot connected organizer and the Palm Computing platform. Financial details were not disclosed.

Security is a critical function for handheld computing products like the PalmPilot organizer, IBM WorkPad PC Companion, Franklin Electronic Day Planner and others that are compatible with the Palm Computing platform, 3Com said.

"Certicom is an ideal partner to help us extend the Palm Computing platform into the next generation of mobile applications and services," said Donna Dubinsky, 3Com vice president and president of Palm Computing, a subsidiary of 3Com.

Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) provides higher levels of security at smaller key sizes than any other known public-key cryptographic system, Certicom said.

The Palm Computing platform is an open architecture for handheld computing that provides an ideal basis for third-party developers and OEMs to create and deliver mobile computing solutions.

The platform consists of four primary components for which developers can write applications: the device operating system, called the Palm OS; the HotSync conduit data synchronization technology; the reference hardware design; and the software interface capabilities to support hardware add-ons.