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Internet Image Explains "BeyondPush"

Internet Image of Fremont, CA announced the development of BeyondPush technology, explaining that it adds powerful management features to the conventional "push" model of software and data delivery.

Dr. Andrew Lee, president and CTO of Internet Image, commented: "BeyondPush is a fortification of push technology that makes it a robust distribution system for corporate and enterprise use. It was developed to fix all the shortcomings of push technology and arm it for use in the corporate environment."

BeyondPush uses agent technology to create two-way links between sender and recipients. Java-based, it delivers enterprise-level control and management capabilities, keeping a client profile record in the server and tracking the outcome of client requests.

The vendor will be applying BeyondPush to new intranet and extranet software/data distribution products. No dates or pricing have been announced at this early stage.