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Intel's Quick Web Technology Speeds Access

Intel Corporation introduced Quick Web Technology, software designed to speed network performance.

Intel describes Quick Web as "a new software capability that helps Internet providers and digital distribution companies increase the delivery speed of Web pages containing photos, drawings and other graphics."

Frank Gill, executive VP of Intel's Small Business and Networking Group, said: "The Internet has become a rich resource of information, but consumers want to speed up the process of downloading web pages with graphic content. Intel Quick Web Technology makes the Internet-connected PC a more valuable tool by helping Internet providers offer a simple way to help consumers retrieve online information at faster speeds."

Quick Web Technology analyzes a Web page for graphic images and then "compresses" bits of data to speed the delivery of the page to the user. It also caches images by storing them locally on the Internet provider's server. When anyone asks for a page that has already been requested, it is the cache rather than the original server that delivers it.

Quick Web Technology works with most common desktop platforms and Java-enabled browsers. Users can turn the compression on or off by using a speed selector switch on the screen.

The first Internet providers to offer Quick Web-enhanced services are NETCOM and Erols Internet.