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Innotech's NetResults-CD Chosen to Distribute Content

O'Reilly & Associates licensed for future CD publications, NetResults-CD, Innotech's 100% Pure Java search and index tool for Web content on CD-ROM.

With NetResults-CD, the user can access the CD-ROM while using any Java-compatible browser. It permits O'Reilly to create index and search interfaces on the CD, and includes an automatic boot and install feature for the benefit of the end-user.

NetResults-CD also permits simultaneous searching of the CD and O'Reilly's Web site, providing for an exchange of both static (fixed data) and dynamic (data subject to updating) information.

In a separate agreement, Sun Microsystems Inc. has also chosen the NetResults-CD application for its 1998 Sun Solutions CD.

The Sun Solutions CD is an interactive CD-ROM featuring software and hardware products for the Solaris operating environment and Java platform. Over 500,000 Solutions CDs are produced yearly for this quarterly publication.

With this CD, users browse through a replica of the Sun Solutions Catalogue Online featuring over 12,000 product listings with links to product information demos and software.

Innotech offers prospective licensees pricing to reflect individual publishing requirements. For more information on its products and services e-mail E. Jewell.