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Interwoven Introduces Large-Scale Deployment System For Web Content

Interwoven of Los Altos, CA is now shipping OpenDeploy, its solution for large-scale deployment of Web content.

It can be used either as a standalone deployment system or as one of the components in the vendor's TeamSite Web site production control system.

Speaking in support of the product, Mark Feldman, Director of Web Development at GeoCities, said: "We can schedule deployments throughout the day and night and know that a new edition of our web site will be published without someone having to physically be there to do it. This allows us to maintain a fresh, dynamic, and timely Web site in a much easier fashion than we've relied on in the past."

OpenDeploy manages deployment to any number of production servers from multiple development servers. It is, says the vendor, an intelligent solution that "understands the dynamics of the production servers and the complete development environment." It supports an organization's security policies by encrypting content and specifying ports for secure transport over the Internet.

One of OpenDeploy's most useful features is the way in which it works with Site Rollback (part of the TeamSite solution) to redeploy any archived version of the web site from any point in its development. It can do this automatically and immediately, greatly reducing server maintenance costs.

An OpenDeploy license costs $4995 for each production server to which web content is deployed. Users get one bundled license with TeamSite 1.7.