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Documents on the Web

@Work Technologies announced WorkOut, a computer output management system that enables organizations to distribute bills, statements, and other business-critical documents over the Internet.

By using WorkOut, says the vendor, companies can slash the production, distribution, and storage costs normally incurred in the document delivery process.

WorkOut's features include a Java viewer for searching, viewing, markup, annotations, and data extracts; "servlets" that convert production data into HTML and XML documents; support for the Open Financial Exchange Bill Presentment (OFX-PRES) standard; and event-driven e-mail notification of end-users.

"WorkOut enables organizations to publish production documents on the Internet in a fraction of the time that it would take by using any other method," said Jim Flynn, @Work's General Manager.

"[Its] robust Java client, along with its support for HTML, XML, and OFX-PRES, provides organizations with complete flexibility in how they deliver information to end-users. And because WorkOut uses Java, there's no need to install intrusive, troublesome, and unsecured plug-ins or helper applications on client machines."

The Java technology on which WorkOut is based can interpret, parse, index, archive, and render complex production print stream files. Such print streams, explains the vendor, are typically created by large-scale production systems, including accounts receivable and general ledger. WorkOut can accept files in, among others, IBM's Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) format.

Initial WorkOut installations will go live during the first quarter of 1998 with general availability scheduled for Q2.