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Student.co.uk to Offer Free Voice Calls to Students

[London, ENGLAND] A partnership, announced Monday, between international PC-to-phone service provider Go2Call and student portal Student.co.uk will give free Internet phone calling to three million students in the U.K.

Making a call will be easy -- students will log on to the Student.co.uk home page, enter the number they wish to call, and hit "go." The only requirements are a computer, Internet access, a 28k or better connection speed, and a headset.

Matt McGuinness, commercial manager of Student.co.uk, said that the free calling service would be a fitting complement to the free resources his site already offers.

"Go2Call's free calling service will give U.K. students a voice to speak up, be heard and, best of all, communicate with each other for free," said McGuinness.

In the early days of Internet telephony, both the caller and receiver needed to have a computer and be online at the same time to speak to each other. Now, with PC-to-phone calling, all that has changed.

Still in its pre-IPO phase, Go2Call offers free, Web-based calling across the U.S, Canada and Europe. Funded by First Analysis Venture Capital it was founded in 1998 and acts as a one-stop resource for Internet telephony and related information.

Larry Spear, co-founder of Go2Call, said that the targeting of students was part of his company's strategic expansion plan.

"Students are on the cutting edge of technology and are extremely comfortable using the Internet to improve their lives," said Spear.

Student.co.uk operates six Web sites comprising the Student Online Network. It is planning an official re-launch on October 2, accompanied by a substantial promotion and many new services. Among its new offerings will be a selection of holiday packages, a network of searchable offers and products, and an SMS text-message-reminder service.