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UK Developer's Email Product Has Windows 98 Interface

NetcPlus Internet Software, which claims to be the United Kingdom's only home-grown e-mail software developer, released SmartMail 4.0 with a Windows 98 interface.

This latest version of the SmartMail multi-user client software also works with Windows 95 and 3.1x.

In a statement, the vendor noted: "SmartMail can also be coupled with NetcPlus SmartServer, an affordable and practical Intranet email management system for small and medium sized businesses. SmartServer can be used on networks running under Windows 3.1x, Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 or better, and will interface with any standard Intranet mail client."

Among the key features of NetcPlus SmartMail are multiple address books and mailing list support; powerful mail filtering; user-definable function buttons; automatic collection of mail from multiple mailboxes; automatic attachment handling; integrated data encryption; and user-definable stationery/template files and signatures.

SmartMail also offers a comprehensive help file system that caters to advanced, intermediate, and novice users. With online help constantly available, anyone should be able to develop proper email management skills, gaining a knowledge of advanced functions in their own time.

In the UK, NetcPlus SmartMail costs 66 pounds + VAT, for an initial set of five separate and secure user configurations.