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Lucent Claims Call Center Software Is "Breakthrough"

Lucent Technologies unveiled new technology for its CentreVu Call Center Solutions, describing it as "a breakthrough" that fundamentally changes the way call centers balance customer care with operating efficiency.

Lucent's new expert software--called CentreVu Advocate and CentreVu Virtual Routing--uses five predictive algorithms to solve the traditional call center problem. The company defines that problem as: How to simultaneously provide individual customer care faster, leverage agent expertise and time more effectively, increase revenue, reduce operating expenses and simplify call center management.

Dan Carroll, VP, Large Systems Markets, at Lucent, said: "The software technology we announced today is an industry first that takes the call center to a higher level of productivity and efficiency, making it even more of a strategic asset. Lucent's unique call center solution makes it easier for agents to give callers the type of white glove service that generates customer loyalty and sales, but at a lower cost to the business."

CentreVu Advocate and CentreVu Virtual Call Routing will be generally available in the United States in Q2 1998 and worldwide by the end of the year. Prices range from $20,000 to $160,000 based on the size of the call center.