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SoftQuad, ec-Content Partner for EC Catalogs

[Toronto, CANADA] SoftQuad Software has made a strategic technology partnership with ec-Content, an e-catalog content solution provider for B2B e-marketplaces, including a network of 40,000 suppliers and subscription customers.

The partnership will combine SoftQuad MarketAgility, a supply side e-catalog solution, with ec-Content's ability to create enhanced catalog content, allowing suppliers to deliver customer-specific catalogs to e-markets quickly and efficiently.

The partners say that suppliers who want to effectively participate in e-marketplaces must overcome the challenges involved in creating, updating and delivering content rich catalogs with buyer-specific pricing information to multiple e-marketplaces.

This requires collecting product and pricing information from enterprise systems, adding up-to-date product descriptions and graphics from manufacturers, and delivering each e-catalog in the XML format required by each e-marketplace.

ec-Content maintains a base of product information on over five million individual items from thousands of manufacturers, and provides management and maintenance services to expand and update this information for marketplaces and suppliers.

The combination of MarketAgility and ec-Content is expected provide suppliers with an integrated solution to rapidly create buyer-specific catalogs, normalize the data for consistency, enrich it with manufacturer information, and distribute it to e-markets.

For suppliers, this enables them to bring their customized e-catalogs online quickly. For e-marketplace users, this ensures a rich buying experience by enabling them to quickly and efficiently find the products they need with accurate product and pricing information.

"The partnership of ec-Content and SoftQuad will give suppliers the ability to quickly join and effectively compete in e-marketplaces," said Roberto Drassinower, president and chief executive officer of SoftQuad.

"Our partnership with SoftQuad will drastically reduce a supplier's time to market, while allowing them to maintain control over the accuracy and integrity of their e-catalog data," said Trey Simonton, executive vice president of business development at ec-Content.