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New Cyber Sentinel "Meets Congressional Lawmakers' Demands"

Security Software Systems said its new Cyber Sentinel filtering software allows congressional lawmakers and educators to see eye-to-eye by empowering individual network administrators to choose which sites are blocked on their network.

The solution, the vendor said in a statement, "specifically addresses principals' and librarians' demands to avoid censorship by Big Brother."

"Many of our clients have no idea of what kind of information is being accessed over their network until they install the Cyber Sentinel software and monitor their network activity for a couple days," said John Bastian, CEO of Security Software Systems.

"After reviewing usage patterns captured by our software, clients are usually shocked and act quickly to develop and communicate a clear and precise Internet/network usage policy for their organization."

At its core, Cyber Sentinel has an Advanced Recognition Engine (ARE) that boasts some of the most powerful filtering capabilities on the market today. An especially useful feature is the Cyber Sentinel Policy module that tells users when they are trying to access information that violates the organization's network usage policy.

Cyber Sentinel offers two methods of enforcement: deterrent-oriented operation (Active Mode) or a hidden surveillance-oriented operation (Stealth Mode). In the Active Mode the system can log an offending screen into the administrator's database if the user does not exit on request.

Cyber Sentinel will be available in retail stores by March 1998. Its suggested retail price is $49.95 for single-user editions, with special volume pricing for educational institutions and ISPs.